Terms Of Use

General Use:

By downloading my content, you are agreeing to my TOU. So please read carefully. Don't be that person. I will say this just like many other creators. My creations are shared freely with this wonderful community, but I ask you to respect that and do not re-upload, directly link or put my download links through adf.ly. Most of all, do not upload to paysites. I am a member of many sites and if I see it, I will make sure that creation gets taken down.

Do not reupload my content, directly link, put through adfly, or claim as your own!

You wouldn’t have the content in the first place if I didn’t create it, so have some decency and just don’t. This goes doublely for those of you out there that link creator's content through adfly. I want to slap you people.

feel free to recolour my creations for ts4 as long as the original item is required

S4S does this automatically now, just choose object recolour and the program will do the rest for you.

credit and link to the original if you retexture!

You don’t need to message me, but it would be nice. If you are on tumblr use a @ tag so I can see it, that would be nice too.
When you share the retexture, by no means are you allowed to put it through an adfly link.I do not condone any of my creations being put through adfly, even if you spent time retexturing. That is no excuse. I put the most time into creating the meshes, so don’t do it. You want to use adfly? Create the meshes yourself.

if you want to modify a cas mesh I have created and share it with the community, you must contact me!!!

I cannot stress this enough, I spend hours making these creations, so the least you can do is consult me.
Note: if you upload but don’t credit and link back to the original creation, I will ask for it to be taken down. You broke Wheaton’s law and I don’t see why I should reward that sort of behaviour by letting you keep it up.

do not put modified content through adfly

I will say it again, I am against adf.ly and there is no reason why you should put my FREEcontent through that 'service' and make money off of it. I put the most work into creating these items, so there is no excuse for using it. Forget about modifying my content if you want to use adfly.

you are free to convert & share cas items, walls, flooring and ea recolours to other games

Just add a credit and link to the original. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO MY CUSTOM OBJECT MESHES!!! You are free to convert those for personal use ONLY, but they are not to be shared publicly. I have my own reasons for this, and I ask you respect it.

don’t use my content as a base for your own creations

If you can extract meshes, poses etc, and modify them, then you have the skills to make your own.

Including my content with your creations

I would prefer content to be linked then included but if you are hosting the file yourself, it's not put through adlfy, and not uploaded to sites like TSR, MTS, SimsWorkshop, Blacky Sims Zoo, SimsDomination etc, then the content can be included. credit me as the creator and link to the download, or a general link so the downloader knows where it comes from.If you are uploading to a fansite i have mentioned, or any sims related site that hosts content, you must link the files only. This aligns it to the general rules those sites have about custom content needed for those creations.

do not include my content in your mod file uploads!

The practice of sharing your Mods Folder is never ok in the first place and I do not condone it. Most creators don’t, especially if you put it through adfly. You need to be slapped with a smelly fish for that.

So, there is no logical reason for you to claim my work as your own, and abuse my kind-heartedness. As long as you are courteous and follow the TOU, I won’t have to track you down and show you the error of your ways. Because I hate doing that.

(updated 18/8/2016)


  1. Hello! I've read your TOU but there's nothing on conversions so I've decided to ask you about that. Is it fine to convert your content to sims 2 (walls and floors to be exact), credit you and link to original creation in the conversion's post?

    1. I will have to update my TOU to reflect those questions. I keep forgetting about it. Walls and floors are fine to convert as long as you give credit and a link to the original creation. Anything else people want to convert, they have to consult me first.

    2. I know this may sound silly, but I have only played the sims 3 and 4 for about 2 years when I get the time from my busy schedule working and my 3 kids. Do you mean if we download your content that we can't change the colors or patterns for our own personal use. I know you don't want us to take something you created and post it as if we made it as our own. because that's just a form of stealing in my opinions. I also was wondering what you mean by giving you credit. If we aren't trying to take credit for your master pieces then why would anyone need to credit you. Unless you are saying that if we use your creation and change a pattern or texture and upload it we uploaded it with you as the creator. Sorry for the silly questions, but I want to make sure I understand so I don't accidently post something someone made. I know I have played for 2 years but I haven't gotten this far in-depth with playing and creating until now. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

    3. Hi crystal! So you have a few questions in there so will handle them separately.
      If you download my content and want to modify if for personal use, go crazy. I am not going to dictate that at all. Everyone has different tastes.
      The minute you want to share that creation with the community, I ask that in the post a credit is given to me as the original creator and a link to the original is given. I also ask that if you do release any recolours that they require my original content for them to work ingame.

      I am a big endorser or giving credit where it is due. It is common place in this community where people go "I made this and here is a download" without thought given to the people that created the content that may be inside. So I always ask that people give credit if my content is used in uploads. Pictures and stories are fine not too, since its hard to keep track of cc in a picture sometimes. I generally mention this point a lot since it is the one point often forgotten.
      Hopefully that helps you out :)

  2. Hi. I was wondering if I could add stencils to your toddler onesies for personal use only. I would NOT upload them. I post pictures on instagram so I would post pictures of my toddlers wearing them if that's okay with you.

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if it was possible to add "stencils" (not sure if it's the right term) on the Short and Long Unisex Onesies. Since I want few of them to be recolorable I will have to change the RGBA mask but unlike the person above, I would love to propose them for downloads but because of this I'm not sure whether I can or not so I prefer to ask you. Of course I will properly credits you with the links to the originals. I hope what I say it's clear since my English is not the best.

    1. Editing the mask would fall under section 4, so as long as you credit me in the post and link to the original that is fine :)

    2. Ok thanks a lot for your fast answer :3

  4. Hi. I really like a couple of sets you have up for 4, but alas I do not have that game. I was wondering if your Nox dining and Atwood living set were conversions you did from 2 or 3 or original meshes -- I could swear I have similar items of some of your goodies. If so, can you direct me to the originals, or if you made all the original meshes for both those sets, may I convert them to sims 2? Someone actually did a request for the Atwood Living set and I checked your tou after browsing and I see you like to be asked, so this is me asking. Please? And thanks for steering me in the right direction if you know where I can find any of your items already made for sims 2 or 3.

    1. All my sets are made by me with some mashups using parts of EA meshes, I don't do conversions and prefer to create original content. However, I do use google for a source of inspiration, so it wouldn't surprise me if something has been made prior to me doing so. The simming community is large and does span many years.
      As for conversions, you are free to convert the sets for personal use only as I stated above. However, I don't want these conversions shared publicly. I have a few reasons for this, but I ask it be respected. Any other content I don't have a problem with being shared, but object sets i have created are just not one of them.

  5. Okay, thanks. I've got a couple other things to finish off and then I'm going to stat on them. I'm pokey. But I'll take some in-game shots and send you a link so you can see them in my game.

  6. Hello Peacemaker ic! I like your creations is it easy for you to make a new hairstyle for sims 4?
    http://s1.dmcdn.net/AUsdb/1280x720-z50.jpg (The one with the white hair) and

    1. sorry, but I don't make female hairstyles and i am not experienced enough to make them from scratch.

  7. Hej Peacemaker, Sorry to bother you, I feel like a bit of a tattle tell writing this but I know how hard you work on your designs http://infinnlily.tumblr.com/ uploaded a house called Urban Rustic, although they give you credit on their page, they have included 11 of your creations in a very big mods folder for download.

    1. I do actually allow content to be uploaded with a home assuming credit is given and it is not to a large site like TSR or MTS. I do prefer linking of content, but allow both ways. So this is within my TOU simply because i don't have the time to chase down everything that does this. I do thank you for bringing it to my attention, but its really not out of line for me. if you are more concerned about it, maybe contact one of the other people with content included that don't allow items to be included in uploads.