Saturday, 28 January 2017

Lofte Living - Brick Arch Decor Set

This set has been a long time coming. When City Living was first announced I had an idea. That idea was to make a set that would allow me to recreate my dream apartments in San Myshuno with brick arches and that warehouse/brownstone feel. After arduous planning, meshing, then testing, they are finally ready to be shared with you all. These have become some of my favourite decor pieces to use in my builds as they work great inside and out giving a build depth and detail that prior to this was not possible in my game.

What you should know:
  • These do not move up and down walls. This was done for a design reason to limit the number of unique meshes I needed to make
  • The brick are all and only Maxis style
  • sometimes you may need to use MoveObjects to place these or object around them
  • Sims can pass through these to allow for archways and such.
The Build/Buy items feature:
  • basegame compatibility
  • Found in Wall Sculptures category of Buy Mode
  • 23 meshes in total with 33 styles each
  • Set of short, medium and high arches for pass-throughs in 2, 3 and 4 tile sizes in all 6 basegame styles
  • find items easily using phrase "Lofte" in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • custom thumbnails
  • Style tool compatible
  • Pricing  and polycount as follows:
    - 1x1 decor wall segement (1/3 short wall height); $13, 48 polys
    - 1x2 decor wall segement (2/3 short wall height); $14, 48 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor outer corner; $15/16/17, 48/56/28 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor left and right columns; $15/16/17, 46/62/48 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor wall segment; $15/16/17, 16/56/28 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor 2 tile arch; $15/16/17, 366/416/402 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor 3 tile arch; $15/16/17, 470/518/502 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large decor 4 tile arch; $15/16/17, 538/586/572 polys

    - Short/Medium 2 tile archway; $150/175, 58 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large 3 tile archway; $155/180/205, 58 polys

    - Short/Medium/Large 4 tile archway; $160/185/210, 58 polys

CC credits:
All custom content apart from the curtains in picture 1(here) and picture 3 (here) is made by me, so please check my downloads to find it.

Now, there is one download link with the 6 objects combined in a merged file. There is no separated file this time because each peice is required for a full set. Extract the archive using winRAR or WinZip, place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.

Download Merged Collection:

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  1. Oh my gosh these are GREAT!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us!

  2. I love your windows, doors and arches, thank you for another wonderful set to work with!

  3. Omg, that looks awesome! Thanks so much for making and sharing!

  4. Wow! Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  5. great idea! but whats about your own brick wall (re)coloures. would be great to have this pieces with your selfmade brick wall designs...

    1. Sorry but no. It just makes it simpler for me to just do maxis brick otherwise there would be way to many swatches or catalogue entries and it would drive me nuts.

  6. Thank you! This is awesome, as always :D

  7. Hi! I have downloaded and installed the packages inside de folder without problems. But I only found in the game the decorative arches but not the "Pointless Renovation" in medium high :( Any help?

    Thank you and I love your work <3

    1. By default the game only shows the short wall height items, did you click on the other wall height icons to find the additional arches?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I have no experience with Mac because with PC you need to extract everything that is not a script mod. Did you try extracting the archive to see if that works for you?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well that's a handy feature. All cc should be compatible as it is independent of the operating system. Bluebellflora has a blog that might be of sone help as she is a mac user and tries to help out with tips. I know she uses a lot of my cc too, so she may have a better idea of what could be going on. Her blog is and she is on tumblr too

    2. Hello! I already wrote this out but dont see it so im gonna say it again. I love love love these arches and I want them in my game so much! However they dont turn up in my game. I followed every step to find them and I even downloaded it more than once. I dont know how or even if I can un zip the file since its not a folder?! If we could have them separate that would be great! If not can you help?? I want these in my game asap they are so nice!

    3. Hi! Messages don't show up immediately as I moderate them before being published. I get a large amount of spam so its just easier that way.

      As for the arches, you do need winZIP or winRAR to interact with those file types. Within the archive (once extracted) is the folder containing the CC. It will be an unknown file type until a program designed to interact with them is installed. You generally right click on the item to get the menu options to extract it. Hopefully that helps, if not I can see what else I can do.

  10. Hello, I am a user of your cc that is fantastic, I want to thank you first of all the great update of content made by the new pack of "dogs and cats", to tell you that since this update (dogs and cats) also gives me a really wonderful error pack lofte living, the object is put in the game (no call script error) but it lacks textures (it appears with yellow and purple colors) I have been waiting for you to update this too (lofte living) but I start to think it only happens to me my because I do not see any comments about it. Please, if someone can tell me how to solve it, I would appreciate it. Thank you very much. (I apologize if you do not understand me well at some point, but I'm using the google translator, since my mother tongue is Spanish)

    1. it sounds like you took out the package file that says "textures" in the name. You need that file (as mentioned above) otherwise the set will not work. there should be a total of 14 package files, if there isn't you are missing the one you need.